Happy Friday everyone! This week in real estate news I’m starting with an article about eliminating or masking any odors in your home. Its something that may not come to mind first on your to do list but its an important one. Read 5 Scents that Make Sense When Selling a Home for more information.

Zillow Porchlight has a really informative article for all you renters out there to help you decide if you’re ready to buy a home. The article touches on benefits, risks, costs, myths and more. A really good read.

There is an overload of information out there for first time home buyers but not much directed to second time home buyers. Read this article to see what buyers would have done differently or kept the same the second time around. This is good advice for all buyers.

Sellers: Your Real Estate Deal Fell Through. What’s Next? Great article with solutions and steps to the most common reasons a deal falls through.

Weekend events can be found here and here. Don’t forget about the Calvert 2040 workshops starting on Sept. 28! Also coming up in October is the Calvert County Farm Festival. More information here.