This week I’m sharing 5 tips to get your lawn and garden ready for colder weather! Now’s your chance to get in one last weekend of yard work before the cold weather rolls in. If you follow these steps your yard will be much happier come spring.

  1. Rake those leaves! Debris left on your yard over winter will block sunlight and encourage moss and fungal diseases to overtake your yard.
  2. Buy or rent an aerator to poke holes all over your lawn. This improves drainage and allows air to get down to the roots of your grass.
  3. Clean Up. Clear out any dead plants or foliage. Remove annuals. Pick up sticks and debris from all garden beds. Divide plants that are overgrown.
  4. After all of the above has been completed, lay down a thick, fresh layer of mulch. Mulch acts as an insulator keeping roots warm on the cold days to come.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy a nice fall weekend in your yard!