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Five of the best tips to buying a home

By Susan Cleary | Oct 4, 2013

Real estate markets always go through cycles, but the current market is unique in the fact that interest rates are low, lending is still tight, and home prices are rising in most parts of the country. So, how can a person protect themselves from overpaying for a home in such a market? The key to…

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Buyers are turning to mobil devices to find homes

By Susan Cleary | Sep 13, 2013

Mobile Real Estate Searches Exploding Daily Real Estate News | Thursday, September 12, 2013 House hunters are increasingly going mobile with their real estate searches, according to a new survey by The Search Agency, a global online marketing firm. The report shows that growth in real estate searches on tablets and smartphones has tripled in…

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Spring into Real Estate

By Susan Cleary | Mar 27, 2013

Prices rose by 8.1% in January from a year earlier, the largest such gain in 6½ years, according to figures from the S&P/Case-Shiller index of home prices in 20 major metropolitan cities released Tuesday. All 20 cities posted annual increases. Calvert County also had an increase in home sales for the first quarter of 2013.…

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Housing Market is on the Rise

By Susan Cleary | Dec 27, 2012

In 2012, the national housing market finally turned a corner. We’ve now experienced 13 straight months of home value appreciation. Sales were up significantly over 2011 as buyers returned to the market, boosting demand. So what will 2013 have in store? Here are five things consumers can expect to see in the housing market next…

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Mortgage rates remain low

By Susan Cleary | Nov 13, 2012

Mark Vitner, an economist with Wells Fargo, predicted that mortgage rates will remain at historic lows through 2014, keeping home buying affordable. Mr. Vitner forecast that the rate on a traditional, 30-year mortgage, now at roughly 3.4%, will “bottom out” at 3.3% in next year’s first quarter amid concerns about federal budget-balancing efforts. “We will…

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Housing Market is getting better

By Susan Cleary | Oct 17, 2012

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The long-battered housing market is finally starting to get back on its feet. But some experts believe it could soon become another housing boom. Signs of recovery have been evident in the recent pick ups in home prices, home sales and construction. Foreclosures are also down and the Federal Reserve has…

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August had high forclosure rate

By Susan Cleary | Sep 24, 2012

According to CNN Money, foreclosure filings rose in August as lenders in several states continued to work through a backlog of delinquencies and defaults. In fact, 193,000 new foreclosure notices were filed just in August, higher than in July. In judicial states, filings are rising again where the foreclosure pricess goes through the courts. The…

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Buying a property in the UK as a foreign

By Susan Cleary | Sep 9, 2012

Expats looking to buy property in the UK will find that property is generally considered to be costly, more so than in other countries. Yet despite this, the demand has not dropped. In London, unlike other cities where house prices have declined during the recent banking crisis, prime London property exists in its own bubble…

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Real Estate info

By Susan Cleary | Oct 20, 2010
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